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Richard Závada – solo
Solo music played on the lute-type instrument (lute, theorbo, baroque guitar). Songs by the great lute composers of 16th – 18th century. Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger, John Dowland, Robert de Visée, Santiago de Murcia, Gaspar Sanz and others.

Lute duo Infinitas
Richard Závada and Marek Kubát. Diverse music from 16th to 17th century played on lute-type instruments (lute, archlute, theorbo, baroque guitar). A total of 72 strings remind the work by the great lute composers such as Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger, John Johnson, Thomas Robinson, Robert de Viseu, Santiago de Murcia and Gaspar Sanz and others.

Capella Antiqua Brunensis– Renaissance and Baroque music
The ensemble focusing on interpretation of an authentic of Renaissance and Baroque music. Their instrumentation consists of replicas of historical instruments in original tune. The areas of interest also cover reminiscences of baroque ballets. Members are professionals with decades of experience at home and abroad.

Renaissance and Baroque songs accompanied by lute that still moves emotions, even today!

Bakchus – Medieval music
Songs and dances of wandering jugglers, noble troubadours and playful students.
Historical instruments: bagpipes, shawms, lutes, gitterns, harp, fiddle, drums …