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Tailored concert program from medieval to Baroque music. We are able to perform at a private concert, as well as open-air festival.


For film, advertising, or historical document we are able to provide contemporary and non-traditional instruments from the middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, 19th century and others, including professional musicians, soloists as well as the whole ensemble to record scenic music and soundtrack.


Recording music, played on historic and unusual instruments for movies, advertising, broadcast and historical documentaries, theatre, jingles, commercials, CD. We have many years of experience with cording authentic and stylized music from the middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, through the 19th century to the world music and rock.

Company events, vernissages, …

We offer a wide variety of options for corporate party, vernissage or thematic event, to satisfy customers’ requirements. The atmosphere of the performances can be enhanced with period costumes. We can also recommend an agency which will propose and provide a program of the evening. We only work with true professionals in the field.