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La Dafne – National Theatre Brno

17. 3. 2019, 19:00
19. 3. 2019, 19:00
Reduta Theatre, Brno (CZ)
There, where the old joins with the new, a laurel bush grows.

La Dafne is generally thought to be the first opera in history. It was created in 1598 in Florence in the circles of artists that gathered in the Palazzo Corsi. The original music by Jacopo Peri and Jacopo Corsi has not been preserved, with only the libretto based on the myth from Ovid’s Matamorphoses remaining complete until our time. A group of contemporary artists working under the name “postopera.forma” (the composers Vít Zouhar and Tomáš Hanzlík, and the director and artist Rocc), inspired by Corsi’s group’s idea of reviving ancient drama, attempted a free reconstruction of this work, and it received its world premiere in Brno. Co-author Tomáš Hanzlík said of the work: “With Vít Zouhar we put music to several Baroque opera librettos performed at the start of the 18th century in Moravia. The idea of replanting this concept (to compose an opera on a libretto with lost music) in a world context was Rocc’s, who then set off to Venice for the original of the libretto.” In the magical candlelight singers enter with the ancient tale of the unrequited love of the god Apollo for the beautiful nymph Daphne, directly among the audience…

Persons and roles
Dafne: Andrea Široká, Marta Reichelová
Apollo: Petr Levíček
Ovidio / Amore: Stefan Kunath j. h., Steve Wächter j. h.
Venere: Jana Hrochová, Michaela Kapustová
Nunzio (messenger): David Nykl
Satiro: Sergej Sanža j. h.

Theorba – Jan Čižmář, Marek Kubát, Richard Závada
Violoncello – Josef Klíč
Positive Organ – Ondrej Olos